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In 2019, we brought the Idea to life, with a first experimental edition. We received short films from all over the world and organized a Masterclass on Film and Archive and a CINENight.

In 2020, we set out to fully fulfill our Mission. The 2nd edition of CINENOVA featured the participation of student-filmmakers from 77 countries and the number of short films submitted more than quadrupled in relation to the year of the festival debut.

In 2021, in the midst of a pandemic context, CINENOVA received more than 1400 films from 92 countries. This third edition also marks the debut of the Expanded CINENOVA section, with the expo “Between the real and the image”, dedicated to expanded cinema and to taking the exhibition of young talent even further, beyond the university space.


CINENOVA, the first and only Interuniversity Film Festival in Portugal, is an initiative of NOVA FCSH and focuses on the relationship between Cinema-Knowledge. Organized by university students and professors, CINENOVA is aimed at all higher education students, of any level and field of study.


To deepen the relationship between Cinema and Knowledge, between the Student-Filmmaker and the University.


  • 1.Stimulate cinematographic production in the Portuguese university context.

  • 2.Create new exhibition opportunities for all students who see Cinema as a fundamental medium for communicating the major issues of the contemporary world.

  • 3.Encourage cinematographic creation and the debate around the relationship between Cinema-Knowledge-Science-Communication.


    An iniciative of

  • IFILNOVA - CineLab


  • Luís Mendonça
  • Margarida Medeiros
  • Maria Irene Aparício
  • Pedro Florêncio

    Executive Producer

  • Patrícia Lima


  • Coordination — Ana Rita Santos
  • Andreia Galvão
  • Carolina Correia
  • Clara Alves
  • Matilde Aires Mateus
  • Paulo Miguel Antunes


  • Coordination — Lucas Camargo de Barros
  • Clara Alves
  • David Revés
  • Katarina do Amaral Dias
  • Mário Brás


  • Coordination — Katarina do Amaral Dias
  • Filipa Eleutério
  • Jean Brito
  • Rita Cruchinho

    Selection Comitee

  • Afonso Évora
  • Ana Alves
  • Catarina Cabral
  • David Revés
  • Diogo Albarran
  • Fabian Cevallos
  • Filippo Di Tomasi
  • Francisco Fernandes
  • Gabriela Giffoni
  • Ian Capillé
  • Katarina do Amaral Dias
  • Laura Martins
  • Lucas Carmargo de Barros
  • Maíra Tristão
  • Maria Irene Aparício
  • Mário Brás
  • Maura Grimaldi
  • Natália Loyola
  • Pedro Geraldo
  • Pedro Teixeira
  • Stephanie Ricci
  • Vanja Paiva

    Educational Service

  • Beatriz Freitas
  • Mafalda Ferreira Alves

    Juridical Support

  • Joana Nunes

    Website and Visual Identity

  • Team from the Faculty of Fine Arts of the University of Lisbon
  • Coordination — Vítor M. Almeida and António Nicolas
  • Development by Diogo Lourenço, João Delgado and Maria Antunes